A Look Back at the German Congress for Homeopathy

The German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) has collaborated with Plose Quelle AG for many years. The company’s presence at the Congress for Homeopathy provides Plose with the opportunity to connect with the homeopathic community on an annual basis. Attendees were able to taste the light mineral water directly at the stand in addition to taking part in a survey on mineral water and making recommendations for how best to enjoy Plose’s products.

Due to the extremely low amount of dry residue, the DZVhÄ recommends Plose mineral water as an accompaniment to homeopathic treatment.

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On a cool day in autumn 1952, Giuseppe Fellin descended Mount Plose carrying a pannier on his shoulders containing the first “bottle” of Plose Water.

Particularly compatible with homeopathic practices, being pure and light, Acqua Plose water has been selected by the Italian Federation Associations and Homeopathic Doctors FIAMO as its official partner.

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