Acqua Plose.
Light and pure.

Source of wellness

Our story started 60 years ago on Mount Plose, from a spring 1870 meters high in the uncontaminated mountains of Alto Adige, with the discovery of a water now recognized as one of the best mineral waters in the world.
We have inherited a lot from those untainted peaks, which were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Everything. We have inherited a great love of the land and its fruits, the genuineness, the pureness, the respect. You will find that inheritance in every single drop of Plose products.
That water, rich in its unique mineral properties, has inspired more equally unique products. BioPlose 100% organic fruit juices, BioPlose organic sodas, Tea Collection iced teas and Plose Vintage fizzy drinks are all made according to ancient alpine recipes. All bottled in glass, all genuine and all born of the same mountains that remind us every day of the importance of safeguarding the most precious thing we have: the goodness of nature. In 2022, Fonte Plose has been recognized among the Italian excellences by Forbes in the drink&food category.

Source of our stories

Dolomites, Alto Adige. Here a thousand years of human history blend with the age-old nature of the mountains, among unspoiled landscapes and timeless dances.

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Stories about a spring

On a cool day in autumn 1952, Giuseppe Fellin descended Mount Plose carrying a pannier on his shoulders containing the first "bottle" of Plose Water.

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Where to find Plose quality.



Here is what makes Plose water so special.

Fixed residue

22 mg/l

This is low, very low, making Plose one of the lightest waters in the world.

Oxygen content

10 mg/l

Exceptionally high oxygen content.

Sodium content

1,1 mg/l

Sodium content is among the lowest.



Identical to the intercellular water in our bodies.

Acqua Plose. Pure water.

A thousand faces of pureness

Plose Water gushes perfect from the spring. We do nothing but bottle it fresh, in glass bottles only, and pack it for its journey. Classic, Gourmet, Luxury or Easy Box. Different dresses, different destinations, a sole purpose: spread pureness in the world.

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Tea Collection

Flavour and well-being in perfect balance.

The era has ended for iced teas that are only thirst-quenching. Tea Collection launches the season of the tea-based beverages full of flavour and ingredients with recognised beneficial properties.

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A pure drink experience

All fruit, just fruit, nothing but 100% organic fruit. To be enjoyed at home as well as at the bar, BioPlose is an effusion of juice and nectars that preserves all the fruit's natural properties. Pomegranate, Blueberry, Pear, Peach, Pineapple, Orange-Carrot, Apple, Orange and Grapefruit. Try them all.

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Vibrant Italian Taste

The taste of Plose Vintage Drinks explodes when the pureness of the Dolomites meets the exuberance of Mediterranean citrus fruit. Ancient alpine recipes reproduced with a modern flare in order to bring you all the flavor of the past, today.

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Alpex Mixology Experience

Born on the rocks, pure in the taste

Born where the spirit of the Alps matches the Ibex strength to climb, from Plose experience in high quality drinks in order to give you the perfect mixer to make your cocktails unreachable. A range of “specimens” that are more unique than rare. Try it in mixology or enjoy it stand-alone, but always strictly “On the Rocks”!

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BioPlose Soft Drinks

Organic & frizzante

A new range dedicated to wellness lovers, with all the flavour of natural drinks and all the effervescence of the best soft drinks, revisited in an organic way in the best BioPlose tradition. Try them all!

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About Us

On a cool day in autumn 1952, Giuseppe Fellin descended Mount Plose carrying a pannier on his shoulders containing the first "bottle" of Plose Water.

Plose Water and Homeopathy

Particularly compatible with homeopathic practices, being pure and light, Acqua Plose water has been selected by the Italian Federation Associations and Homeopathic Doctors FIAMO as its official partner.

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