Fonte Plose is Academia Barilla’s partner since 2004, when the Academy has been founded in Parma.

Academia Barilla, the first international center dedicated to the promotion and development of Italian Gastronomic Culture in the world, has selected the company from South Tyrol and its Acqua Plose water to accompany its daily activities to enhance the products of Italian territory and support its R&D projects.

Fonte Plose, an example of Italian excellence in the beverage field, joined Academia Barilla project by sharing the cultural approach to gastronomy, the respect of raw materials and their territories of origin, the promotion of good cooking in Italy and in the world. Fonte Plose supports Academia’s efforts as a technical sponsor in all its initiatives, from cooking classes to the famous Pasta World Championship, which attracts top-level chefs from all over the world, and also in its daily activities the company contributes to grow the “Quality and authenticity” image that have always characterized our country. Fonte Plose is in fact committed to preserving and making available to consumers the exceptional features of Acqua Plose, pure water just because it flows from a source located at 1,870 m above Mount Plose in South Tyrol, near the uncontaminated area of the Puez Natural Park In the Dolomites. Since the 1960s, Plose contributes to the preservation of the territory with constant maintenance and accurate controls, adopting sustainable production processes and bottling rigorously in glass.

Such quality and reliability, appreciated by Academia Barilla, are also recognized by experienced chefs who every day propose Fonte Plose products to accompany their dishes.